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Thx for all the suggestions. I did try directly with the SD card with Octoprint off and I had the same problem. But I did recently install the new 4.2.7 silent motherboard, so I re-installed the firmware and YEAH it started printing again. But now my problem is clogging. It starts printing just great for about 5 minutes but then it acts as if its under extruding. So I clean everything, get all the filament out and BAM it does it again. So now I jumped and installed the Creality Spider Hot End, which they say will stop clogging (LIES, in case your wondering). I did update the firmware again so it knows the hot end. I started a print and it was looking really good, a little close to the bed, but still printing nicely. Then out of no where, it starts acting like its under extruding again. So I've checked my e-steps and got everything good again, tried printing again and my extruder just clicks which tells me I have some kind of clog, even though I'm not suppose to with this new hot end. Guess I'll just keep trying. Thx again..