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HI, I'm new here.  Been 3D printing with my Ender 3 Pro for about 2 years. I'm having an issue but I am not sure what to call the problem in order to research possible fixes for it. I was hoping maybe someone might be able to help me identify exactly what's going on with my prints? Please?

I recently had the extruder handle break and so I bought a new one. It was cheap and terrible and so I took the one off my other printer, which at first worked great, but two weeks into using it, my prints are terrible.

I've tried everything that I can think of so now I'm stuck. And it stinks and it's very frustrating.

The part in this photo is small. It's 22mm x 10mm.

Any idea what I am doing wrong or what's wrong with the printer / settings?

This is printed with PLA+ 220/60 degrees. It was printed standing up tall. Thank You. Any help would be very much appreciated!