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This isn't printer-specific advice, but if you have prints sticking to the FEP, I suggest checking the following:

  • Leveling / Z-zero setting for the build plate (If there's too much gap between the FEP and the build plate during the printing of the initial layers, they'll have nothing to stick to but the FEP.)
  • Calibration of the FEP tension. It should be around 300 Hz. (If the FEP is too lose or too rigid, it could prevent the printed layers from separating and sticking to the build plate instead.)

By far, the first suggestion is the most important. Try some alternate leveling / Z-zeroing techniques. If you're printer does this automatically, see if you can do it manually instead. I suggest this, because my Flashforge Finder (FDM printer) had an autoleveling feature, and it didn't work well. I wasn't able to produce quality prints until I found a way to level my build plate manually. For the second suggestion, you can tune your FEP tension by using an audio app on your smartphone. Something like Spectroid. Drain and clean your vat, then thump your FEP lightly with a dull tool handle or your finer. The app will report the frequency of the vibration of the FEP, and you can adjust the tensioning screws till it's around 300 Hz (Doesn't need to be perfect.).