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I tried this in PetG. And yes the PetG did bridge nicely -- surprisingly so, as this was the first time I had used it. It also adhered perfectly. Held well through out the print, and came off with ease when done.

OTOH, although it was printed at the midpoint of the manufacturers and printers specs, the nozzle accumulated a lot of carbonized material. Some of which became embedded in the print, though most was on the outside where it could be removed with pick and forceps. Fortunately, there were no problems with clogging of the nozzle. There is an odd shine to PetG that is not present on the preprinted filament -- I will try spraying it with a clear matte finish. And PetG is somewhat fuzzy with threads, though most of these were internal to the print, and could be safely ignored.

I will use a "cobb" type 15 LED "bulb" to light this lamp. It is available at www.aaltronics.com, cat # LED-615WW. It runs bright enough with one 9V battery, and has the controlling electronics built in, so fire is rather unlikely. It does need an external switch. I have an RPi in that area, so will probably use a capacitance switch to turn the lamp on/off. It will provide enough light so that I will not kill myself when I get up in the middle of the night, but is not suitable for reading.

Disapointed in some of the PetG characteristics, but all in all I am happy I printed this