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I see your unit is using the feet with pipe for standing taller. I am building mine that way also, and just put it, looks about same height as yours. But, mine seems too 'shakey'. I haven't wired anything up, so I can't run it yet, but, the whole unit seems too shakey, and I am suspecting the feet as not being solid enough. I had printed the corner blocks and the top part of foot separate (there is a design out there that had combined them as one print). So, i took mine off and super glued them together, so they are now one solid piece. But, that didn't help the shakiness of the whole thing.

How is your unit, does it seem stable enough?
NOTE: I have made my unit rather large, though, 3x4 feet. I will be designing and putting middle supports on all the frame bars.

Also, I found part, if not most, of the shakiness may be due to the table top/bench. I have the top boars screwed on to a much shorter table underneath with lots of overhang on all sides. The top board is 3/4 particle board, but, that is shakey. I was going to put a 2x4 framing around it, underneath, but, now i am considering building it's own table with legs out by the corners, and strong cross member supports under the top board.

Still, any thoughts, advice is welcome.