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I purchased my Anycubic Kossel pulley version with the heated bed and put it together in between work and family time over the course of a few days. Only second delta printer i have ever purchased, the other one being a DAGOMA. The only things missing from the kit were the instructions and the bed level sensor so I started looking for one and found this one. I downloaded the files and read the files on its use then started downloading marlin firmware for the printer. Tried several and finally settled on the recommended version from the bed level sensor documentation. I have Arduino 1.8.5 and have successfully pushed the firmware and leveled the bed with the sensor but no matter what settings I try, it will stil print about 20-30 mm above the bed (have not measured it out exactly). I have undone all the changes to the firmware and am now trying to see if anyone has any ideas. Oh and I am usung the Cura 15.04.6 specifucally for anycubic. I have been told to use terminal commands but cannot find where in the software to input them.

Disclaimer; You will have to forgive me. i can build and troubleshoot nearly any 3d printer but when it comes to the firware, if it is not a simple upload and print, I am unable to wrap my head around it. That being said, I can make minor changes and with help find the proper way to upload it but that is it. So please make explanations as simple as possible when talking about the firmware and its changes.

Removable Bed Levelling Probes for Anycubic Kossel Linear