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After couple of unsuccessful prints from PLA (PLA version which I have doesn't work well with my full metal hotend) I am goint to print it in ABS. Hope that it will be precise enough.

2Allted : I have question according to sizes - recommended size like 30"x30" is working area size or total machine area ? And do you have some experience with asymmetric machines ? I want to do 40x80cm working space (RC modeler - balsa, plywood, foam, maybe just little of fiberglass and AL if possible but not necessary) and not sure which axis is better to have shorter (or it is don't matter) ? Also - is there some recommended solution how to support tubes on longer side (in the middle and bolt them to "ground" to make whole machine more rigid) ?

2All : Is somehwere "Z" axis tool holder for 25mm tube (I am going to do own spindle from 300W (for beginning) outrunner) ?