Report as inappropriate sure you have all seen the hexagon wall lamps that are floating around here on the forums. This is an idea i`ve had in my head for quite a while now: I would love to make a "keyboard" out of that design.

I am an Audio Engineer so i got that part done but im quite new to the whole printing part of it. (Ive done 3D design for the past 15 years and Audio for the past 20, just not printing) The initial idea is that i want to print a hexagon keyboard (black and white keys) that is touch sensitive and will trigger an electric signal towards the audio engine i have prepared for it. in other words..It is a hexagon keyboard that you can organize as you wish yourself on the wall or the floor that will allow you to play as if it was a piano through a speaker system of choice. The ULTIMATE goal one day would be to have it connect through wireless AND have LEDs that light up on each key as you hit them. But that would be a V.2 project. I would like to start at the right end and make a base first then maybe develop it later. Short story is---> If anyone would offer advice and ideas/help on the printing side then that would be immensely helpful to me even down to some basics like which filaments would be touch-sensitive (electric impulses or close to what a touch screen does today on your phone) And i would handle the development and testing with the advice provided (since im not a 3d printing wiz yet)+ be responsible for the audio engine/circuitboard to provide the sound. This is not a commercial product and everyone involved will of course be commended and credited for any help.

If you think you can answer, help develop...or already have a similar idea. Please send me a PM and let`s see how we get on from there.