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What my idea is, I want to make one stationary, and one adjustable. Ideally I would like to use my e3d with a .4 or smaller nozzle, and I want to use my e3d with volcano for infill. With like a 1mm nozzle or something.

See just how it would work. I feel like it would give me the best of both worlds, keep the resolution for all the exterior work, and all the quick fill on the interior.

I'm thinking of just making a portion of the plate that would be lowered, and than perhaps add a threaded rod (or screw) and a nylon nut (or something to be able to fine tune the adjustments to keep the layers roughly the same.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think it could work.

I'm also working with guy who's able to manufacture flexible shafts. And I think that merging both Bowden and direct drive would really open up how fast one could print on these machines.

If your interested we could take more about it, could be a fun joint venture.

Oh, and I would be interested j getting the v2, anything would help. And you make great things! I have to get way better on solidworks lol