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This is my next print. I honestly cannot wait for the current filament spool to finish so I can get this started!.

I have only had my printer for a little over a week now and I have learned a lot so far. I have a heated bed and I am running it hot. I keep the temp at 110c (initially set up for ABS out of the box, however I typically print with PLA). I have not come across any issues with having my bed that hot for PLA, but can there be issues? I have Kapton tape, but honestly like using the green frog tape. I have had some great prints come off the printer so far, but I have not attempted anything this complex yet. I recently tried a gear bearing, which came out looking awesome, but all the small gears were fused to the outset gear/ring. I also print at a 210c at the nozzle, which my understanding is that this is high for PLA as well (more in the range for ABS).

My question is, will I have issues trying to print this with my temps set that high while using PLA? Also, I want to get some clear filament, any recommendations on brand?

I printed a couple of times with a wood fiber PLA and those items look nice.