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Hi there,
i am in the middle of the Frame assambly, and so far i haved a few Issues, (btw my Conduit is 24.85 on average)

  • The IE better Middle Z is way to tight ...... will print the v2 tomorrow
  • the Nut traps fro the M4 Nuts (Corner Blocks and Rollers) are to large, they seem to be for m5 Nuts (at least they fit perfectly).
  • All the M8 Bolt Holes fit very nicely, but all Conduit Holes on the IE Parts seem to be very tight except for the Rollers, the seem to be perfect. I had to scale the new IE Legs by 2% and it seems i should have done that with all other IE Parts as well, like if i had printed the Imperial Parts. (i checked a few times, i printed the IE Parts). I tought my printer (Pursa i3) is off, but all calib Cubes, or the Parts for my ZMR250 fit perfectly. I checked my settings in slic3r but they looked good.

Is the Spacing for the 25mm Conduit in the Roller exactly the same like in the Middle Joiner/Ends?

Kindly Regards