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Hi KesterS, thanks for your question, if you ask the picture of back part of the model, please reference on this link : http://www.thingiverse.com/make:148171 , the reason of layers not sticking together at the overhang, I think it's need to see the picture, your 3dp is quite like Replicator 2, for my personal experience general when the nozzle plugged or material not came out smooth or the plate not fixed, it's will happen layers not sticking together, especially when you're using 0.1mm layer high, the mechanism of your 3dp is very important when you're using so small step, try slow down the print speed and make sure the plate is fixed can't have any small movement. I will suggestion you use print speed 50mm/s, traveling speed 100mm/s, it takes time but worthy to have better quality.
Hope you get print success next time :)

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