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I know its not easy to build, I've done 3. That's why I have been working on "Mark II". I have re-designed almost everything improving the model. I've added tabs and holes for barrel alignment and thickened most parts to increase strength. Many other part alignment assists, Improved trigger group making trigger and safety switch functional, improved shot counter with better graphics, the collapsible stock is now functional (I'm proud of that one.) You can fold it or open it and no longer have to decide which configuration to build. I also added knurling to the grip like the original. Basically I turned it from a wall hanger to a CosPlay Prop. Just one thing. I'm also writing detailed instructions for assembly. I've spent a lot of hours on this re-design and I'm not distributing the files until I find a contest to enter. I need to try and recoup some benefit from all my work.