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How does it work?

We engage our camera with adapter (compatible with GoPro and screw), this it joined the zip line, adjust the angle we want we press well and let slide by the cords.

We can regulate the speed with an auxiliary rope and our pickup, which will also allow us to move the camera without slope.

So that we can use?

We can use it to make descents by bike, skateboarding, skiing, basketball games, weddings, events, canoeing, landscapes, careers and much more.

The kit includes:
Everything you need to ride the zip line

Shopping zip with anti-vibration, multi-angle and hook GoPro cameras or screw.
2 rolls of rope, available in 3 lengths, 25, 50 and 100 meters.
Belts and tensioners to install the ropes.
Picker rope push for the zip line.
How is it installed?

The product includes everything needed for installation within 5 minutes.

Hook a strap if the support is vertical (tree, column, etc.) or two belts if the support is horizontal (rail, branch, etc.).
Enter the end of the rope through the separator and do the same with the second string.
Engages the separator belt and the cord extends the desired length.
Place the second separator at the end of the course and engaged with the other belts installed.
Adjust the tension of the strings, pulling the straps until this tense and leveled.
Place the zip on the ropes in two seconds and recording !.