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Yep, when I received my printer I reminded them once again and proposed they put in a warning note. Maybe they listened to me now or some other customer that reported back.

Below the message I send.

Just a warning about the PSU mounting, because the screw are a bit long they can touch the 12VDC rail so shorting the AC ground with 12V. See also http://www.thingiverse.com/groups/sunhokey-3d-printer-owners/topic:2469 and http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?406,523730 Put in a warning note with the kit or better adjust the mounting video will prevent you from having a bad name and save you some money by not having to refund MKS boards or repairs.
Further I want to say it is a really nice kit for the money and me and my son love using it and experimenting with our first steps into 3D printing. I still have to write my review on aliexpress, which will be positive and also to inform people to look out when mounting the PSU.
Lucky I saw some reports about the blown boards, so I was carefull not to use the USB until I found the mentioned topics above. I now have some spacers between the PSU and the acrylic and have no problems with connecting the USB.
Thanks in advance for reading and taken notice of the above issue.