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OK, inspected the G-code you sent. You use Pronterface so slicing with Slic3r I assume.

The G-code is ending on layer 105 = Z15.0mm when printing solid infill. The layer height seems to change between 0.1 and 0.2mm's many times. You used additional supports, that might be causing this? Brim is OK.

I suspect the slicer you use is really confused with the next layer's already included supports and outputs incomplete g-code.

Try to slice the part without additional supports. The small prebuilt supports are designed 0.5mm width so that can be set into slic3r's default extrusion width if the problem remains (nozzle diameter need's to be around 0.4mm).

I recommend previewing g-code to check it's complete. There's online viewer's too: http://www.3dgeni.us/gCodeViewer/index.html

Send me the new g-code with these parameters changed, if printing still fails.