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Looks nice JB and thanks for sharing your results.

I hope your warping with ABS is now more less with this update.
With my UM2 I haven't used ABS till now, only PLA and Carbon_Fil.
With PLA I start the fans around layer 15 (with a 0,1mm layer height) so the first layers are not getting the full fan speed.
The fans starting slowly around 15% until the max speed.
(result is, I'm getting less warping effect)

In Cura my settings for the the fans are:

  • Fan full on at height (mm) = 10
  • Fan speed min = 100%
  • Fan speed max = 100% (depends if the print needs this full speed, otherwise 40% ore 50% is enough)
    In the menu from the UM2 I've set the max fan-speed at 80%

I'm not sure if these settings will do the same with ABS.