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Everything with GeeeTech is off. I had one as a starter printer and yea, it caught fire and burned literally. They gave me way too small PSU, said it was a 350W. After it burned up that and the gt2560 board and looked, the psu internally was only designed for 200W.

Regardless I love the work and since I still have parts from it, I am going to use these to fix their printed part junk they sent me. Let me tell you ALL parts I received were printed Ion an un-calibrated printer, at super low resolution. NONE of the parts fit, I ended up filing most of it until it all worked correctly. AND their acrylic pieces were all broken. Their new printers look more promising. I have 2 flash forge creator pro's and couldn't be happier! I miss the print volume of my i3 though! that's why I want to rebuild!