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I have same problem with the power supply, I missed noticed an extra little bag of M48 screws with a thin strip of paper
"Attention:fasten the power supply in the acrylic part with M4
8 screw" because I focus on video tutorial (put m4x12mm screw).
But not damage main board only broken power supply. If i put cable to power line, MCB trip. previously I used to running test motor is running well, but after I unplug cable from power line and plug again trouble come. I think was not strong power in my home but it was not. After i check power supply, unplug cable output (12Vdc) trouble persists, the power supply broken and try to repair. after I open the casing of the power supply, yes 4 screw behind the hole is rail of the power supply and separate with plastic film. lucky plastic film not broken and short the screw to rail PSU. but screw make the remaining pieces of "foot component" (capasitor) flexed and short circuit, make (+) and (-) DC 220V short circuit. I try replace two component 13009 (npn power switching transistor) and it's works. hope there is no problem anymore. but there is little disturb me about the installation of 5 pcs heat sink in main board, worry about short circuit.