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I didn't buy mine from Amazon. I bought mine from a local supplier in Australia; JayCar. Amazon deliveries to Australia can take months if you're unlucky.

They are good, and are the only bricks-and-mortar store of note here anymore; we just don't have the massive market the US has.

The strips were intended for use in caravans, so they were much longer than I needed. I had to cut them down, which meant a fair bit of rewiring and soldering. I also had a trace break after I had mounted them, which proved to be a very fiddly fix. I took thinks as slowly and carefully as I could, testing wiring and the circuit each step of the way. I'm confident with electronics, but when you're working on a $2,000 printer with no chance of locally-sourced spare parts you want to be cautious.

I also didn't want to do a 'ghetto' job - no exposed live connections, properly insulated connectors and switch.