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If you don't mind, that would be great. 6.5mm OD (allow .5mm just in case I think).
OK got it.
I will mess with slic3r some more. Yeah two outer perimeters, the inner one makes the shape of the tube, they are very thin/too thin, it can be pull apart very easy. When you say .5/.6mm thickness, is this the thickness it prints the spiral outer and inner wall?
If you only have one wall outside, is the tube brace solid or made up of two walls? That's what I meant by two.
Is this what you have?
What size nozzle do you have on your printer? Is it .3? Mine is .4, I think when I told it thickness of .6 it didn't slice that thickness, I've set it to .8 to see what the print looks like half way through/whether the outer wall is thicker than the first print. Looking at your canopy, it looks like it can handle pretty thick hull wall so I'm struggling to work out how if yours is only .5/.6 thick? i.e it looks like it can handle somewhere between 2-3mm total thickness (the sliding part).
Cura I get a nice thick shell but unfortunately the base in full of holes/not solid. I will play with slic3r, and if no good I can always use CURA and glue up the holes.


In advanced settings Perimeters, what are your settings? Did you set Perimeters & External Perimeters to .5/.6? or leave 0?

Don't worry about reworking as I have done this (very roughly) but overlaying a new larger cylinder over yours without actually changing the mesh (using 123D), then combined in meshmixer BUT it's not a correct stl. This is obvious when you go to slice with different settings. For the purpose of my 1 off print it's fine. I'm going to go ahead with External perimeters 1.2mm perimeters 1.2mm and approx. 2.2mm for back plate. The slic3r preview looks OK and this results in total thickness of around 2.2-2.4..it's thick, but not much heavier and I'll try to rework the canopy to fit if it's too thick for them to slide on. Can you place your calipers on the hull and measure the actual thickess of your hull wall after printing? I'm curious what it is even though I can work/adjust to make mine work.

  • Have now finished hull back, looks great. Moving onto front 160 I get a line around it where the interior perimeter meets the outer on slic3r, switching back to cura for this piece as I can't seem to get around this when I look at the preview layers. I think the biggest trouble is finding the right slicer settings that work for these.
  • Finished front hull 160, looks great, proceeding with canopy test for fitment with my thickness of hull.