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This isn't a support forum. You are better off posting in the ctc3dprinters group in groups.google.com.

  1. You may not have followed all the directions in the zip file containing the maps. Namely the important direction to restart the background services in MakerWare. If you use Desktop, the maps may not work. MakerBot has actively been making Desktop hostile to clones and even modified MakerBot printers. The maps are known to work with the last good release of MakerWare, MakerWare 2.4.

  2. Contact MakerBot if you need support using Desktop; this is a MakerBot Desktop issue and not a firmware issue. (After all, even stock MBI firmware is running the Sailfish core ever since MakerBot's 7.0 firmware release where they adopted Sailfish but put their own LCD UI into Sailfish.) This may be a question people in the CTC users forum can answer; [email protected]