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Actually, I am very happy with it, though I cannot compare it to others.
But when I read how much trouble people seem to have with calibration and bed adhesion, I can praise myself lucky.
It was calibrated ONCE after I finished building it, and since then it has worked flawlessly.
In throw the thing in and out of my car every few weeks, switch it on, and it does what it's supposed to do.
I would definitely buy it again.

BUT, there is a but.
At the time I bought it (and I sincerely hope that SeemeCNC changed that), it was equipped with an extremely (!) low quality power supply that died on me a few weeks ago.
When the heated bed was switched on, the whole machine switched off or did a reset.
The manufacturer acknowledged this problem and immediately offered to replace it.
But since I live in Belgium, customs costs were just too high to swap out a shitty psu with one of the same abysmal quality.
So I refused to accept it.
They refused to pay through Paypal, even partly, for a good quality psu that I could deliver myself, since I am a computer retailer and technician, and have these in stock at wholesale price ...
So for the time being, I replaced it at my own expense, and the matter is pending.