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Got really excited for this. I used PLA on my Ultimaker2 and split the parts on Cura. Everything was perfect until I tried assembling it by following your video.

Sad to say your video was confusing since some parts are mirror of each other, there are no markers for each part, and sometimes your hand blocks what you're doing or what you're assembling goes offscreen. I suggest marking every part first and organizing them neatly on a table, so that enthusiasts can simply follow your lead from there on. You can also do some video editing for labeling and guiding but that maybe too much to ask. But really, thanks and your efforts are highly appreciated.

After fully assembling the heart gears (I printed the one with the most number of revolutions to do for "funstration"), I'm not quite satisfied with how it turned out since it was supposed to be smooth all the way in the shape of a heart - its been 2 hours now after removing and putting the parts again and again, I ended up with an ok Heart Gears. Nevertheless, it still works.