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So these looked GREAT - I was able to print them on my prusa i3 and they seem to work pretty well! However, I ran into a BIG PROBLEM! When I went to print the "Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm.STL", it turns out the that lower right spinner was missing most of the body! I checked the STL in "Slic3r" (because I didn't look at it all that hard when I generated the gcode) and sure enough, most of the lower right spinner body is MISSING in the "Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm.STL" file on this site. Any chance you can fix and upload a newer STL or something? These things look great and I would love to give them a whirl! Not to mention, I've printed all the parts for one unit, just that my spinner arm is incomplete at this point. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!