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After struggling with several different methods (blue tape, sailcloth tape, kapton tape, animal sacrifice during a full moon, etc) the best I've found for me personally to get PLA to stick is to print on glass with a heated bed and either glue stick or a glue slurry. Depending on the part, the glue may be optional if you have a heated bed. Without glue, if you can get the part to stick, it will have a very nice finish on the printed side when it's complete. Yes, you can get away with printing PLA on a non-heated surface. You will definitely need either tape or a coating of some kind. Tape is a PITA in my opinion. If your bed is MDF, the continual use of tape will eventually wreck the surface.

Most controllers can handle a heated bed. You do not need a switch. You just turn off the bed in your slicing program.