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Probably too late but a few tricks to stop layers lifting. Some of these suggestions may not apply to your printer.
If you are printjng on to a heated glass bed.

  • Make sure the glass is actually flat and level. Over time sometimes glass can warp so the point that it lifts may be the lowsst point. Flipping glass plate or rotating it will move that point. A small amount of aluminum cooking foil under glass can sometimes improve heat conductivity. An extreme warp may require glass plate replacenent.
  • Clean glass with Acetone - conmonly used as a nail polish remover.
  • A cheaper more sticky alternative to hairspray is lemon juice or sugar water - very sticky while surface is hot. Wait for liquid to boil off before srarting to print.
  • Turn off any cooling fan while printing first 2-3 layers.
  • I use an additional fan sometimes to cool the extruded material. Try to make sure any fan is not directed directly downward at the layers near the glass bed because the cooling air can cause premature lifting.
  • You could add a 2-3 layer pad to the extreme edges of a design that you trim off after printing. This might improve adherance and if pad lifts a little the rest of print might not.