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Sorry to hijack your comments @reilley & @brandutchman, I see your both on the R1 and using Cura I was wondering if you have seen the following size issues with parts? I am also using a Robo 3d R1 printing PLA at 8m nozzle with temps of 210 and 60 for the bed. Parts are loaded as is with no change to size, scale, or orientation. Specifically part 6 is longer than its alignment with part 4, both 7,8 are too small, 11 and 12 are too tall, and 10 is almost a half inch larger than 9 and the front parts 1,2.

Its probably total user error but I was curious if you guys had anything similar. if all else fails Ill just reprint if so what nozzle size are you two using? what filament ABS or PLA?

Thanks again for any info and apology for the hijack

Also just a shout out this is a great file, thank you @Geoffro! I plan on printing some of your Imperial as well!