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The linked site gives me an error upon generation:

Sorry, an error happened and your file could not be generated!
php universal_hose_adapter.php file=files/universal_hose_adapter_up6tgvcdu4tdvkfnlpcpt98og3 title1=0 cone1_min=28 cone1_max=32 cone1_height=20 cone1_barb_width=0 title2=0 cone2_max=18 cone2_min=15 cone2_height=30 cone2_barb_width=0.8 title3=0 wall_thickness=2 join_ratio=2 barb_flatness_ratio=2 barb_spacing_ratio=2 barb_skew_ratio=0.15 check_guts=0 universal_hose_adapter.php

Great tool though, the customiser one does works, but the linked version looks much better :)