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Hi my friends,

Many thanks for the comments and suggestions.
I'm glad you took your time to give me some feedbacks.

In fact in many suggestions presented, I thought about,
and I think it's resolved already in another way.
Don't forget the "philosophy" of this application,
to be generic, fully customizable, but... in the simpliest way possible.

About the back panel holes, or the top shell feet,
dont forget each element is the same as the opposite.
Back to Front, and Bottom to top.
You just have to add the option that you need
and say, this is the back, or the is the front panel
also, this is the top with feet, or the bottom with/without.

That's why I added the switches "On/Off" in the Panel Maker
for holes and texts.
you just have to switch ON the Front holes/texts when you need to export
the front panel, and OFF for the Back panel,
then reverse when you need to export the Back panel.

For the feet on the top shell, again the top and bottom shell are the same in fact,
there is no top or bottom, it's your choice...

About the smart board, as I said, I tried to think about the easiest way.
The way I have chosen,
you just have to take 2 dimensions values on your PCB
the distance between the holes for the width, and the same for the length.
Then you feed the Ubox maker (love that name ;) ) with 4 values
starting point X,Y and end values, Width, Heigth.
Your suggestion needs much more...

You're right about the feet, I can use the same method as the Panel maker
to allow multiple PCB feet, and I certainly will.

I hope you understand my choice in order to allow
everyone finding this tool pleasant and easy to use without limiting the design idea.

I'm waiting your creations guys!