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This is my first year teaching Industrial Technology (CTE) in the public school setting, having come over from college 3D design courses recently. Our classroom received a donation from the former teacher who unfortunately passed away last year. 3D Printing was his dream, and with my degree in 3D animation, I will do my best to fulfill his wishes. Currently, we have 2 Airwold 3D Printers (AXIOME,and AXIOMe. Will be ordering a third one soon, with a dual-extruder option). Mostly just learning the technology this year, but next year our advanced students will design a product, learn how to model it in 3D (likely to use 123D Design, but I prefer 3DS Max myself - 15 years experience), and then print it out, finish it, and in some cases, make a mold and cast copies. We will finish the class by learning some Photoshop to create "marketing materials". If there is any additional time, I plan to purchase a "Filabot" and make our own filament in custom colors. It is purported to be roughly $12 per kilo rather than premade filament at $50 per kilo.
TO stretch the budget out further, we have been allowing students to print things by supplying the files or weblinks to me, then I will print when time allows. The student is then charged 10 cents per gram for the filament used, which is just under double what we pay. The excess is used to purchase more filament and repair materials.
I would love to know what other programs are being used in the classroom for 3D Modeling though. (I have 123D Design and Blender installed already, but Blender is too advanced for Junior High students)