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I had a weird experience attempting to print this. I typically use rafts for almost everything, since I find that it helps to stabilize 3D builds - especially for things like this where there are four legs. But my builds of this pony kept failing. I finally took a look at the image with the raft and, for some reason or other, there were small rafts inserted under only two of the legs. So, when the printer attempted to print this pony, two of the legs were essentially unsupported since they were a few millimeters above the build plate (the height of the rafts the other two legs were sitting on).

When I eventually figured this out, I printed it without a raft or support, but for some reason or other one of the legs fell off during build. The front two legs form an 'A' frame and apparently one of the legs fell before the top of the 'A' was joined. I was printing it at about a 40 percent magnification.

Perhaps I'll try with a customized raft - something that would encompass all four legs - if I can figure that out.

Has anyone else had similar issues?