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Ok, the printer is working great. I can print directly from Repetier Host (USB), can also load the gcode to SD and trigger a print from SD using Repetier Host from the laptop over USB. HOWEVER, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to run a print from SD directly using the LCD. The LCD is from Joachim Zimmer's method (which works great) and I can browse the menu, settings, heat the extruder, move axis, etc. However, even if I heat the extruder, when I select a file from USB using the LCD, it returns to the "Watch" page and has the file name at the bottom but does nothing. I've waited, and nothing. If use USB from Repetier to run an SD print, start the print and then disconnect the laptop the print runs without problems and the "watch" page on the LCD shows the progress. I can also use the LCD to alter print settings real time (speed, temps, extrusion, etc). I just cannot figure out how to start a SD print without the laptop. Anyone know how, or if it's possible?

Also, a very strange behavior I don't understand but happens almost every time I have tried to start an SD print from LCD. While waiting for something to happen (and giving up), IF I plug my laptop back into the printer with Repetier running, the printer will start printing the selected SD file. I can immediately unplug the USB and it will continue to print normally. At first I thought it was just coincidental timing, but have tried it randomly and it almost always does this. Almost as if just initializing the USB connection releases the print.

  • I am a newbie, this is my first 3D printer, and I am a novice at arduino. Learning and learning but google searches on this have come up nill.