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Just wanted to follow-up. We may want to have a library of "panel openings". I had modified your original scad to punch openings for chinese rocker switches (with LEDs). They take a few lines of code to add several notches for clips and alignment. I am now seeing lots of folks adding other openings. One way might be to have a list of "includable" openings and you could check for a parameter and include if true. I don't know how the customizer works but it seems that using https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/Include_Statement might be just the ticket. Maybe the thingiverse people can help with the capability so people could contribute to a "hole library". It would awesome to have holes mapped to specific parts! For example, rotary potentiometers have the little alignment hole that is tough to get right! I would be happy to help if additional hands would be useful.

Your project was the one who got me off the mark to learn openscad (I'm a software engineer by trade, so very easy). Thanks for the contribution.