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You need to report this to Mark Walker then. This is plain and simple some sort of a bug with Octoprint and the GPX plugin. The printer doesn't on its own just decide to execute motion commands. There's absolutely, positively no way the firmware can just do that out of the blue. It's either corrupted flash memory in the processor and the program execution steps into it and does that crazy stuff, or commands coming over USB from Octoprint + GPX plugin. And MakerBot has seen cases of corrupted flash memory causing weird behavior; however, I don't myself recall cases of the bot actually executing a motion command as a result but it's remotely possible. The obvious workaround to corrupted flash is to reload the firmware. Of course, the flash can become corrupted again if there's an electrical problem with the microprocessor. (And I've seen non-genuine ATmegas on some of the Asian clone boards.)