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Thanks for the help.. I think it was a bad firmware upload. I re-uploaded the firmware, cleared EE then re-entered all the settings for my printer. Then it was horribly worse, running off the ends as soon as I turned it on.

So, in accordance with Einstein's theory of insanity, I tried again expecting different results, and it seems to be happy this time.

I can print more than one thing in a row. There is some odd acceleration settings that seems to stick, because when I start a print, the travel from right rear to front left (right before preheat), is normally about 30% speed on a second print, but once the actually print code kicks in, it goes back to normal. I will tinker with adding come pre-print commands.

The odd part is, the only time it acted up, was when I canceled a print, from the LCD, it started bottoming out the Z. But I expect that was because OctoPrint didn't realize the print was canceled, and was continuing to send commands for the printer. So now I just cancel in Octo.