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:D No worries Jeff! The printer will certainly take up to 10-16 amps when it's at fully operational mode for ABS (bed=90, heater = 240) it might take 3 amp when bed and extruder aren't powered. The controller alone might take up to 2 amps and the rpi II will take up to 1.2 amps I haven't measured the watts yet but that is another important thing to consider.

on a different note, I keep getting the following error
"Command failed with return code 127: /usr/local/bin/light_on.sh: line 2: gpio: command not found
/usr/local/bin/light_on.sh: line 3: gpio: command not found"

I think it has to do with the GPIO wiring library but I still have to look it up.

Thanks again for sharing, it really helped get my feet wet with Octoprint and now I'm working on a smoke/fire protection with MQ sensors and image processing.