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I am up and running .... sort of... My extruder is for 3mm not 1.75 which is what I am running so I have to hold the tube so the filiment pushes up the tube. I ordered a new extruder from Alex Exprss for 1.75 :/ So no "first print" yet since I am not going to sit for 30 min monitoring and helping the filament.

I am not sure how I got the extruder working 100%.. I did some playing with pins.h and min temps for it...

My Son's Robo 3D+ lets you move the extruder at any temp for loading/unloading filiment I which I assume is the min temp setting down to like 5 or 10.

Do you have "home" working and a good config for Cura with this version? I have it set to ultimaker 2 but I have to heat, etc. with LCD controller.

I plan on reviewing the Marlin 1.1.0 RC6 Ultimaker vs your 1.0.1 version to see if I can get the same level of functionality working. I figure this might play nicer with Cura.

Thoughts on my approach?