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Hey I am sorry for the trouble you and some others have expressed. I do want to hear about the issues people have because I am planning to put together a troubleshooting guide very soon. I do ask for your understanding though as it is very difficult to identify the differences between the people who have a lot of success and those who don't. There are many factors that could contribute but in the end the physics maters on this item so if there is something off in the print it probably won't work. If there are common issues that can fix some peoples problems I want to find them.

As to your specific issue, you would definitely have a problem if the scale was off. What I don't quite understand at this point is how it would be off by less than 30mm. If it was an unit conversion issue I would expect it be off by around 25 times(1inch=25.4mm). Maybe I'm missing something there. What slicer are you using so I can try it?

Also some people mentioned that the debagged version is one degree off from flat. I will post an update for that this weekend.

Thanks for posting.