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Well not really printing yet but closer.. My hot end keeps jamming..

I got the 1.1 RC 6 Marlin code to mostly work

You need to customize line 500-502 for size of your actual printer.
Also depending on your wiring you may have to switch which way home is...
All changes have // pam on them so I can find my changes.

I cannot get Cura to play nice so I am currently using MatterControl and OctoPrint

I do not have the bed heating working and MatterControl seems to insist on heating the bed to 70C which will never happen so I edit the gcode and drop it in octoprint...

Home and all works but as stated my boden extruder is a bit of a hack with zip ties and tape to try and hold things but now my hot end is jamming up.

I also have a hard time understanding why Ultimaker put the one linear baring mount under instead of both on top? things seem to need to be perfect so it does not pop out.