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Again, thanks for having us. All of the staff at makerbot were awesome, encouraging, welcoming, and talented. I will get that 'support your printer' picture when I have enough connectors and some time. I'll be sure to post.

Now - I've got a challenge for YOUR team... I don't really have the resources or a way to justify the cost but makerbot does.

I can't count how many times I've gone into school at night and on weekends to just clear the print bed and hit play like a robot (hint). I've been thinking about some sort of revolving print bed thing. But when I saw that your beds just slide out the front - light bulb! totally workable idea that I think your team has every right to invest in.

A great addition to the bot farm: Design a robot that pulls out the print bed - sets it aside - and replaces it with a fresh one - start next print. Simple enough (famous last words)

An obvious bonus/requirement (I think everyone would agree) is that the robot pays homage to Johnny Five (the reason probably half of us got interested in robotics). It could play the 'I need a hero' montage each time it successfully started a print etc...

I don't think I have the time/money/need to invest but if I had 500 printers I think that would be step zero... continuous printing.

I enjoyed meeting all the participants. I look forward to seeing your new designs. My students publish some (I don't force them - just encourage) their designs under the username 'hudsonrobotics.' Follow us if you'd like to see what we're doing. This year is essentially over but we'll hit the ground running in September.

In case you forgot (I don't even like the song - but he's got a robot mohawk! Just can't beat that): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POxMp61Ksbk