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I actually have this exact same problem! I installed my Micro Swiss over last weekend, and was able to get one 20mm cube but it had to be a 20mm/s otherwise my extruder was skipping. As I tried to print faster, the Nozzle (.4mm) clogged really bad. I was printing ABS, and the clog was so bad I had to soak the nozzle in acetone to melt it all out (Took hours!). While that was happening I put on the stock Nozzle and it printed perfectly. Instead of printing at 260 to get the ABS to extrude on the MicroSwiss, I was printing at 230c. Once cleared, I re-installed the MicroSwiss, and again, 260c at 30mm/s speed was the fastest I could print and I had major issues with under extrusion. It clogged again, so I swapped back to the original nozzle and gave up.

I contacted MicroSwiss on Sunday and asked them if that was normal and to see if I did anything wrong. I got an e-mail back yesterday requesting pictures of the installation and the nozzle. I was not able to do that yesterday, but will take care of it today.