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Absolutely! If you don't hear from me, ask again to remind me and I will update you. They requested I send pictures of the Nozzle. I wasn't sure what angles they wanted, so I sent them the following pictures:

(Helps if I put the right links ;) )

I got this response back today:

"Looks like the hole is there but it is possible that it got clogged with something. I will ship you replacement nozzle today. I do apologize that you will have to wait again for the shipping time.
When new nozzle will arrive and when you will get a chance to install it, please let me know how it goes and if that will fix the problem."

I'm 100% impressed with their customer service so far. Their e-mails are very professional, kind, to the point and quick to respond. Just the way I like my support! Even if I can't get the nozzle to work, I would buy from them again. I just wish they had more awesome products.