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I have added my custom JSON files to the google drive for Cura 2.X. I seem to have stability issues with 2.1.1 where it seems to reboot by RAMPS after the bed and head heat up.

I discovered I have inverted prints.. mirror image. I have been reading about other and experimented but to no avail thus far. I have not re-tested this with your supplied firmware to see if it exists there or now...

I have my 0.0.0 position when looking at the front ... in the back left corner. Is this how you have yours? My limit switches are also there other than Z with is at bottom.

I discovered this when printing a case for the LCD and well the slots for SD and holes did not line up Doh...

I have to say the relay to power the print head and hot bed work great.. I got a 24vdc heating element and now the 12vdc is only needed to drive RAMPS and motors, etc. The relay at 40A @32VDC was like $3 USD each shipped. So way overrated for my application and they do not even get warm :)