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Nope, I found out over on the Googlegroup that WanHao is doing the same thing and that is lieing to people calling theirs Sailfish. This is a Qidi technology and they have Sailfish 7.8 for Mega 2560 but, as I suspected, the official version is Sailfish 7.7. Also the magic PID and PWM numbers do NOT come up, for even 7.7, using RepG only for the hotend will they but never the max power numbers like is in Marlin that is compiled in.

I also read that if you try and use 7.7 on a Wanhao it will not work and Wanhao is closed source using an open source firmware. So, in the future they can go to blazes I will not touch either with them doing that.

As far as wiring goes they do not get hot but they shouldn't with how long it takes to heat up (for all I know they are sending 6v to it). It is the clip in kind whereas my Ramps board I used 14 ga wire on it. This has so many wires I am not ever sure why it has this many unless it is sharing the load. 4 wires I can understand but more? Only if for load sharing.

Oh, I wanted to add that I just checked the ohms on the +/- of the hpb as it was in my lap and it came in at 3.4 ohms which is precisely what my MK2B from Sainsmart came in at on the 24v side. So, it is something in the firmware in this "7.8" Sailfish. If this were Marlin I would head directly to #define MAX_BED_POWER and change it but too detached to even attempt it with this.