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That last statement I must confirm that I agree with it.

Now when I asked where the PID numbers are I didn't mean in Sailfish itself that I have to compile I meant where are they in RepG since they are in your face for the hotend. I would have thought Sailfish would have both exposed to the enduser like that in case it does need tweaking for that last 10c). I found it ironic that they are there for it but not the other as well but with your explanation I see why (I also see why to a lot of other ????? I had on the github page you linked).

As far as PID goes I find the HPB to be pretty stable, and the hotend not as stable as I am used to with Marlin's auto tune and some tweaking but after tweaking the numbers via RepG I had to roll back. The numbers are so much lower than in Marlin they didn't make as much sense to me (a lot more digits too).

I guess I am just used to Marlin and anything that doesn't detach me so much. I have learned my lesson that if it uses a Mightyboard to not buy it since that board is made to keep the end user in the dark. Just plug it in and it should work but maybe not optimally. Noob friendly but for anyone used to the DIY mentality it is just frustrating. Luckily Mightyboard's claim to fame is outdated now since we have faster boards that can do all of the math on the fly whereas 4 years ago we were stuck with 8bit avr boards that would struggle doing some of the math (reason a Ramps based board on a Delta printer is holding the Delta back from its full potential).

Let me add Makerbot is soon to go away as is being reported by a lot of people/news sources due to their 8 sales total per day world wide and with that the end is near. While I am full of joy over that I am sad that Thingiverse will probably go with them.