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DarkAlchemist: Seeing the original abusive text of your comment before you modified it, and personally knowing Dan....

I seriously suggest that you owe him an apology. You clearly do not know what you're talking about it, and you need to realize that Dan is giving you help which he is not paid by anyone to give and is doing it out of his generosity. He's also correct in this matter.

It's free software, you can choose whether you use it or not, and if you don't or don't like it....
well no-one really cares as there are plenty of people who use it and don't have issue.

If you happened to purchase a printer from a vendor that chose to use this software, then your beef lies with them not Dan, he did not ask them to leverage this open source software to save development costs.

Abuse directed at the wrong person won't gain you anything here and frankly results in less help.