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Thanks for the questions. I just ran a couple previews of a singe corner tile. I typically run my printer at a resolution of .1mm and a speed of 80mm/sec. At these settings, a single corner tile takes about 1h 37min to print and costs about 42 cents (based on a $23 kg of plastic). However, if I changed the resolution to .2mm and cranked my printer speed to 150mm/sec, It would only take 36min to print. I run my printer throughout the day when I can and load six tiles on the build plate at night. My collection of tiles grew quite quickly.

I did the Hirst Arts thing for a couple of years ( I have about 12 molds). But I honestly haven't cast a single block in about ten years. It takes way to long to cast the mold 50-100 times to build anything, and then you still have to build everything. The couple of projects that I did build are all chipped up and falling apart. I just cast with plaster because it was cheaper...big mistake....

Is there a specific reason you are looking at the Dremel printer? There are many printers out there that will do the same thing for a third of the cost.