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if you can't bridge, it's your filament. i can bridge across on problem first shot with cheap $10 Chinese quality PLA. no sag, perfect bridge. if the screw won't fit, you're not calibrated properly either. filament width calibration is fundamental.

that being said, it isn't without issue, keeping the inside sizzor bars in place while they build UP would help, they can just break being moved around by the extruder once they get higher.

while a great print requires no extra parts, a great useful Print should if it could benefit. if you want to stick it on display, print it in 100% plastic... if you want to use it for a Toy, it's going to break in 10 minutes of use. same goes for those shitty chip bag clips, put a damn spring on them and get over it.... they work 1000x better with a 0.05c metal spring in the design. i have 5 that don't close enough anymore in abs, pla, petg... add a spring and they'll work until you die.