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Thanks for this Topic - I just installed my Micro-Swiss All Metal Hot End last night and thought that I had just thrown away $50 because I was getting the exact same issue as I was with the stock hot end; sputtering, clogging, jamming. I was ticked until I Googled the issue and found this thread. I followed the recommendations for the retraction and edited the GCode. I also applied the thermal paste to the nozzle threads (light amount), the heat chamber threads (light amount), and to the "cool end" that is in the cooling block as well as the side of the cooling block that touches the heat sink. WOW! What a difference after that. The filament flowed easily as I had expected from the reviews about the Micro-Swiss product. Definitely use some thermal paste on the portion of the hot end that is in the cooling block at a minimum.

Thanks to all on this thread for the great information. I'm a happy 3D printer owner again.